Pride and Prejudice

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Who can you trust?

It's not all cops, but it's so bad, who can you trust? All around us are crooked cops who do whatever they please. How can the government hire these kinds of people? What the hell is wrong with them? I think the government needs to hire some real cops who will do right. They need to hire Latinos, Asians, Black, etc.

The voice of my peers!Edit

Many high school students say that they hate cops. These students report that they and their friends have been threatened because the cops thought they had done a crime. Many say that they don't like dirty cops who think that they are above the law. Yet, there are a few students who think that some cops are cool.

Just Like Everyone Else!Edit

Many cops are just as corrupt as our everyday criminals. Don't assume just because they have a badge that they're good people. Many take advantage of their authority and abuse the rights of others. Cops are just like everyone else. They too commit crimes; the only difference is that they can cover up their mistakes with a brush of their shoulder. The NYPD thrives on covering up their officers mistakes because in their eyes they think they're perfect. They think they're better than everyday civilians when in reality they're just like everyone else.

Why Protect Them?Edit

What is the point of protecting cops? Most people would say that they only do well when they want a medal or something. The government has to be out of their minds. There was a story on the news about cops. It had said that two cops had beat on a man for no reason. One would figure they would lose their jobs or be in jail. The public comes to find out later that neither one of those things happened. Why doesn't the government fire the cops who get caught doing wrong? It can't be that hard to find other cops to replace them. But with a corrupt government, nothing's really possible.

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