The Civil Rights Act of 1964

A Law that banned the discrimination on the basis of race,sex, or religion in public places and most workplaces. The act was written by president John F. Kennedy and was the first legislative action proposed by a president in 100 years geared towards giving African Americans more rights. Kennedy died before he could sign the act. On July 2nd,1964 President Lyndon Johnson fulfilled his pledge to carry on Kennedy's work and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. the law was passed first by congress but it was in danger of being passed by the senate because in the past they had allowed southerners to mount fillibusters that killled most civil rights legislationa and prevented it from being passed. but Johnson was determined to carry on Kennedy's work and get the law passed so he had religous leaders of all races and colors come to the capitol and created a massive lobbying campaign and got passed the bill that would be known as one of the most important civil rights legislation this country has known. On July 2nd,1964, he signed the bill and wrote it into the law.

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