How to cite sources in essayEdit

Works that name the author must cite his/her name EITHER in the sentence OR in the parenthesis:

According to Doña Licha, “Sometimes I think it was unfair for him to go. You see it all: they take my fish as they took my son. You ask why I am bitter?” (Lopez, 82).

In his Short Account of The Destruction of the Indies, Bartolomé de las Casas declared, “They slaughtered anyone and everyone in their path, on occasion running through a mother and her baby with a single thrust of their swords” (15).

Works that don’t name an author must cite the title EITHER in the sentence OR in the parenthesis:

Christopher Columbus wrote, “From here, in the name of the Blessed Trinity, we can send back all the slaves that can be sold…for these people are totally unskilled in arms” ("Critiquing Columbus", 3).

“Profit Island, U.S.A” asserts that, “Fomento built highways and roads for U.S. corporations—3,000 miles of them—that linked offices to plants, industrial centers to seaports, and mines to factories” (90).

As noted in “Operation Bootstrap: Success or Failure?” the government “started vocational schools to teach industrial skills to people who had been farmers all their lives” (74).

Synonyms for “states” / “stated”:

points out

How to cite sources in investigative journalismEdit

Text-based research

In <”Title of Article”> (<Title of Newspaper, Date>), <Author’s Name> reports that …
In “Confidence Levels” (The Bronx News February 22, 2006), Sara Robb reports that …
In “<title of article/study>,” an <article/study> in <title of reference source/website/news article> (<month/day/year>), <Name of Person Quoted> maintains, “ …”
In "Let's Get Real", a video shown 9th graders back in October, Da'laun maintains, "I bully because it makes me feel good."
In the <Title of Reference Source/Website/News Article> (<month/day/year>), <Name of Person> asserts that …
In the Advocates for Youth website (as of February 1998), Keri J. Dodd asserts that …
“<Title of Article>,” an article in <Title of Reference Source/Website/News Article> (<month/day/year>), notes that …
“Body Image,” an article in Wikipedia (March 3, 2006), notes that …
A <Title of Reference Source/Website/News Article> article on <Title of Article> (<month/day/year>) claims that “…
A Wikipedia article on Child Sexuality (3/1/06) claims, "…
According to <Author’s Name> in <”Title of Article> (<Title of Reference Source/Website/Newspaper, Month/day/year>), …
According to Erin Thompson in “Sex Ed Suffers Under Standardization Regime” (The NYC Indypendent, February 9, 2006), …


When asked <how/why/when/where/whether> <interview question> <person’s title><Pseudonym of Student / Real Name of Adult> replied, “…”
When asked how frequently sexual harassment is reported, guidance counselor Michelle Kreevoy replied, “…”
<title of person> <Pseudonym of Student / Real Name of Adult> noted that "…”
ESCHS 9th grader Elena Rosario noted that “…”
“…,” states ESCHS <title of person> <Pseudonym of Student / Real Name of Adult>.
“He chose to follow his macho, street code pride,” explains Dean Matthew Guldin.

Resources Edit

Diana Hacker and Barbara Fister. "Reasearch and Documentation Online."

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