Brian Rosenbloom Principal</H3>


Chelsea English Department Edit

  • Robert Mitchell, English Department Coordinator
  • Damaris Cava, English Teacher
  • Matt Cerny, English Teacher in HI
  • Joann DiLauro, Literacy Coach
  • Erica Dow, English Teacher in Upstate New York
  • Christina Gardner, English Teacher
  • Karin Knife, English Teacher aka da cool teacher lol yepp!
  • Kat Morris, English Teacher
  • Sarah Siegall, English Teacher
  • Erin Woodward, English Teacher
  • Susan Foote, English Teacher

Mission Edit

Our mission is to provide a caring, safe, educational environment for our students in which learning is enhanced by:

  • The promotion of a love of reading emanating from a successful literacy program, the development of competency in the English language arts and the ability to use critical thinking which will produce life long learners for the twenty-first century.
  • The use of thematic approaches to teaching and the implementation of an interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • The integration of technology into the curriculum.
  • The designing of programs which meet the potential of all students--general education, special education and English Language Learners--as they strive towards excellence.
  • The encouragement of parent involvement,the commitment of parents, students, staff, and administration, all working together for the benefit of children.

Wiki Projects Edit

Chelsea Literary Synopses

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