tipping and catching balance
trees grass rocks
looking for the right place
across the lake
along the water's edge
balancing on uneven ground
green green everywhere an orange streak from the sun's rays
the colors on the palette
lost in the gentle slopes of the spot
I place myself in a place of safety and then leave the world for my place of imagination and privacy.
                 central park 

when i get off of the train i have to cross the street to 96 nd then keep walking to the left and then i see a hand ball court and the there are basketball courts and then when i ran down i saw a really really really big basseball field and then when i put the blanket down and put the picnic basket on the blanket i lay on the blanket whilde every one else sits on their beach chairs and i go to sleep and then when i wake up we leve because we leve when carmen wants to leve lol cantral park is full of fun there is alot of rocks and there are alot of trees.....

                       The End

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