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Cartoons are fun, and some adults don't understand them.

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cartoons never created contravercy in the time that they have been around.Now people distrust many cartoons,espeacaly if there cartoons are not the one's that your parents have grown up on.

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cartoons like Spongebob Square paints,Famly guy, dragon ballz and many others, aren't the same as the loony toons or Tom and Jerry, but as different as these cartoons are they some times promote the same things.Cartoons are not to be taken serious they are just as fake as they are real.there are educational shows that are for youngr childern.If acrtoons have some thing that has to do with any adult activities or to much violence, the network will advsie caustion to the veiwer, give it the matrial rateing that is needed. For example the sponsers of the net work put up signs that say ethier for matrue auddiences' only or the have some one say " this show may contain things that are not sutable for children", now normaly that not something that they should put on a kids net work channel but if the network didn;t want kids to learn any thing then the wouldn't be any problem with these cartoons, but if thats the case then they should eliminate the cartoons that are just as violent like (Tom and Jerry).

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