Beautiful palm trees
The nice beach
The hot sun
The people walkin bare foot
My friends eatting cenepas
The beautiful dark sky with stars
My madrina telling me "Karina you want a cup of coffe" :Early in the morning
Me taking a air plane to get there
The air plane taking a scary take off
There are many colors in Puerto Rico
And they all beautiful!
When im in Puerto Rico
I hear the coquies
The little kids playing down the hill
The old people playing their old music
The old men playing dominios
If I was over there
I would be hearing alot of peole talkin spanish only
And also be hearing alot of music
Such as regeeton salsa merengue
The people that are there are my
Family and friends
Yes some people speak
They all talking to each other
They all talking about how they miss my uncle
That passed away over there
And also how my cuzin marie had a baby boy
And that its so cute
Yes there is food
Such as aroz con gandules
Aroz gon pollo pernil culetas etc. i can smell it
And it smells yummy
My madrina Wanda and tit Gladys are coocking it
I miss my uncle Serigo
And I cant wait to see my new baby cuzin.
Im just a little scared to hop on that plane.

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