Bullying ruins teens lives.

In school teachers don't notice it but other teens do. Bullies come as your friend, they carry smiles on there faces, when you least expected they back stab on there enemies.

Bullies act as if they are friends, they act friendly with them, but in one quick second the bullies treat you like a slut or like a dog. Bullies say mean stuff about them and spread gossip that isn't true.

A reason that bullies act this way is because they are jealous of what the person has, that they don't have, or that the person gets more attention then they do.

Haters, Why do people hate me so much? Edit

My whole third grade class jumped me. Why? The only reason that makes sense to me is because they were all hating on the way I looked for picture day. I had my hair done, I had my beautiful pink shirt, with the matching skirt on and I had a lil cute pocket book to go with it. After the fact that I was jumped during gym class, my skirt was no longer pink it had blood on it and it had dirt satins all over it, after being dragged on the floor. My elbows were cut up and my hair was a mess. My stockings were ripped and had blood dripping down to my feet. It was not shocking that I had gotten jumped because I went to a crazy school, which was P.S.97.

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