Alright are you wondering what the city does with all the taxes they take away from your paycheck. Well they are about to use to build a West Stadium with it when they could use it for something more useful.

Well I think that this issue is very important because they city is taking all of the taxes and trying to build a West Stadium with it. In my opinion they are doing a wrong thing, they should use it for school materials and hospitals for those who need it. And I think that other people should be worry about it because it is going to affect us in the future.

<State your first reason> Edit

One reason I think this is true is...because they are talking about in the news and there are alot of people out there that think that this is a wrong thing. And alot of the people are saying what they think and I agree with them. Some of the facts that support this are that in the news there are talking alot about this topic and also in the newspaper. In the news they said that they are building this for the Olympics,

<State your second reason> Edit

Another reason I think that the shouldn't build a West Side Stadium with the taxe money they take away from the people paychecks is...because they shouldn't use the money from our paycheck because that money could be useful those people. And they should use that money for something else like for example they should give it to schools that need more materials or they should donate to hospitals. My proof for this is ... List all of the evidence that is relevant. Quote from the documents, artifacts, web pages, and other "facts" that "prove" your second supporting reason. Be sure to link to and to cite your sources.>

<In this title, show another opinion, and that you disagree with it.> Edit

Some disagree with me. They say <... Write 2 or 3 sentences summarizing opinions that challenge or disagree with your argument.>

Still, I think <...Write a paragraph that answers the other side's arguments.>

I haven't always had this opinion <... Write a paragraph explaining how your opinion might have changed or been qualified in some way because of your research or experience.>

<Finally restate your opinion in a headline here.> Edit

In conclusion, if it's true that <refer back to the second and third paragraphs, above>, then I am right to say that <re-state argument>. As I said above, I know that <...reasons #1 and #2> are true because <...refer to the evidence you presented at the end of paragraphs 2 and 3>.

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