Mah boyfriendz block
Wat I c iz me walkin towards my boyfriend Jonathan'z
Hearin mah Ipod on blast
Speed walkin frum mah block
Cause I want 2 c mah boo
Me havin 2 walk a gud 5 blockz 2 get there
I walk through my block and pass tha small red buildingz
That are getting renevated
Pass the "small park" up 1 of tha 3 king hillz
Cross the street towards 12 park
Then I walk pass mah old job nd enter another park 134
There I hear my people'z callin out
"Wuz gud Nena?"
As I keep walkin,
There I cross a 1 way street
Walk pass some bank
That iz in front my boyfriendz buildin
There I cross tha street carefully
Cause the light aint workin righ
The weather iz nice and chille
A lot of wind,
And a lil bit of sun,
There aint that much color
Except the colors in the park
Green red blue black yellow and gray,
Also the color of tha trees dark green
As I walk I hear tha cars honking down broome street
And kids playing in tha park
I also hear my reageeton on mah Ipod,
There are lil kids playin in tha park
And some of my peoplez
Playin basket ball in tha court,
Yes some 1 speaks mah friends scream out
"Wuz Gud Nena?",
As I walk I make eye contact with them
And say "wuz gud"
And smile and keep moving,
There is a barbaque in tha park
I smell hotdogs cooking
And I smell hambergers being made
There is a person cooking
It but I dont know them,
No one else comez up to me as I walk,
By tha time I enter my boyfriendz buildin
He is there in the hall way
Waitin for me and says
"Hi ma! I miss u I Love You! How u been baby?"
I answer"Hi baby i miss u too I Love You too and i've
Been missin you baby!"
Then we enter his house
To hear loud music
And his grandmotha in the kitchen
Cooking us some food.

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