• ZariahGreene

    New Vocabulary!!

    August 14, 2018 by ZariahGreene

    1.    Automac- macdonalds drive thru

    2.    Chiflada-loca/crazy

    Mi amiga y yo comemos mucho alfajores cada dia nosotros somos chifladas

    3.    Mostaza- mustard – me gusta papas fritas con mostaza

    4.    Bolcar- to spill- estoy nerviosa y yo bolco mi jugo en el piso.

    5.    Escenario- stage – En Argentina nosotros fuimos al esenario asi que puedemos practicar juegemos una parte.

    6.    Satisfecha- to be full after eating. Despues yo come comida yo estoy satisfecha hasta yo estoy listo comer una otra vez.

    7.    Calbagar- to ride a horse- un sabado en argentina nosotros fuimos a calbagar caballos.

    8.    Campera- sweat shirt with a zipper- yo compre una campera con el logo de Quilmes Highschool

    Cierre- zipper- el cierre en mi campera es negro y muy pequeno


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  • ZariahGreene

    Pre trip Reflection

    August 14, 2018 by ZariahGreene

    In just a few days I will be traveling to Quilmes, Argentina for a Cultural Exchange. After being visited by a group of students attending Quilmes High School, I am excited to go there and experience their life rituals and routines. I am looking forward to practicing my Spanish. Being that it is the end of the year and school has drained all the ambition out of my body I am excited to be refilled with adventure, connections, and change of scenery. Throughout my  sophomore year, my family experienced a lot of sickness and death and with these tragic happenings I dived into my Latina culture. My goal is to preserve it for my family after my grandmother passes. After working day after day listening to Spanish music and television I am excited…

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  • JayRazz9

    This would be my first blog ever so bare with me as I am new to this.  However a passion of mine is the well being of my fellow firefighter/EMT/paramedic/police officers/dispatchers and anyone else I failed to mention that takes part in answering the daily emergencies that the general public faces day to day.  I have been a firefighter since 2001 (got my FF 1 cert just prior to 9/11) so for me, I just wanted to help people.  Well actually I started volunteering because I had a good friend say "Since we always hang out why don’t you join so you can ride the trucks with me?" So that’s what started my firefighting journey.  Being new to the field I was very uncertain of my place and what I actually brought to the table.  I am a hard worker an…

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  • Therahul007
    1. N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies :

    N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research is ISO 9001:2008 certified by UKAS, United Kingdom Accredited Services & SGS.

    The Institute has been awarded "Premier College Status" by Accreditation Service for International Schools,

    Colleges & Universities (ASIC).

    The Institute has been awarded “A” Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

    The Institute has associations and prestigious memberships with Professional bodies like:

    Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), USA

    European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Belgium and

    European Foundation for Management Development Global Network (EFMDGN), Belgium.

    Bombay Management Association (BMA)


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  • Horselover22


    February 23, 2018 by Horselover22

    hi to every one how hire today or even day if you had been CUBERBULLYING please if you wont to tell me as soon as post bull.

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  • Aldana GM19


    December 15, 2017 by Aldana GM19

    Todo comenzó cuando   yo me cambie de casa ,para mi era un nuevo lugar por que me vine a vivir con mi abuelita pues mis padres son separados , mi papá me abandono halos 8 meses de nacida, mi mama dice que  que mi papa se desapareció  un día y no supo mas de él .

    Yo me mude ahí con mi abuelita por que mi mama viaja mucho por el trabajo  así que no tenía con  quien dejarme y decidió dejarme con mi abuela también  me cambio de colegio para que sea mas cerca a casa  ,como todos los días yo iba al colegio un día como cualquiera vi a un chico era alto, delgado , su cabello oscuro ,su peinado para adelante como tapándole la vista , su piel era blanca, y usaba unos lindos lentes bueno a mí  siempre me ha gustado los lentes o me llama la atención  é…

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  • Aldana GM19

    La nación peruana (peruanos) jurídicamente organizada, es la entidad que ejerce el gobierno en la república del Perú, su estructura del estado está definida en la constitución política del Perú .El Perú es democrático, social, independiente y soberano, su gobierno es unitario, representativo y descentralizado y se organiza según el principio de la separación de poderes. Según la constitución política del Perú, el estado peruano se encuentra organizado en tres poderes autónomos" ejecutivo, legislativo y judicial, cada uno tiene una organización y atribuciones específicas. Lo considero correcto porque los jueces están organizados por el poder judicial y cada poder son autónomos e independientes los cuales han sido establecido de acuerdo a la…

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  • Bluedove13


    September 3, 2017 by Bluedove13


    Chrisp, P n.d., Medieval realms daily life.

    The crusades, image, accessed 3 September 2017, .

    Daily Life of a Monk in the Middle Ages n.d., accessed 3 September 2017, .

    Daily Life of a Nun in the Middle Ages n.d., accessed 3 September 2017, .

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    Morality play n.d., accessed 3 September 2017, .

    Morality Play Plot Summaries: The Castle of Perseverance, Mankind, and Everyman n.d., accessed 3 S…

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  • Bluedove13


    I think that life for the medieval church would have been a bit more relaxed than peaseants because they did not go through the hard labour like the peaseants did but they still needed to work and do jobs like teach at schoools and run masses for the town. I think that when the Crusades began the Church were more tensed and also fighting in the war, planning their next attack or defending their town from muslims.

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  • Bluedove13


    "The medieval Church believed that the resurrectionof Christ marked a new time for all of humanity" - Timothy Radcliffe

    "Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church it is a goodly christian weapon" - Martin Luther

    "For where God built a church, there the Devil also built a chapel" - Martin Luther

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  • Bluedove13


    What clothes did they wear?


    Priests during the medieval period wore a tunic which flowed down to their feet and walked bare feet


    Monks during the medieval period wore a tunic (like priests), a scapula, cowl, hair shirts and a cross on a chain which was optional


    Nuns during the medieval period wore a habit, scapula (like monks), wimple, veil, hair shirts (like monks) and a crois in a chain (like monks) which was optional

    What materials were used to create their clothing?

    The materials used to create their clothings was a scapula; which is a long wide piece of woollen cloth, wool, linen, silk, hemp, cotton and leather

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  • Bluedove13


    What jobs does the Church do?


    Jobs the Pope perform are the power to excommunicate members of the faith,influencing kings dieciesions and ensure the Catholic Church didn't descend in chaos.


    Jobs the Monks perform are work as historians, librians, keepers of important documents, Abbot, Almoner, Barber surgeon, Cantor, Cellarer, Infirmarian, Lector, Sacrist or Prior.


    Jobs the Nuns perform are work as a Abbess, Almoner, Cellarer, Infirmarian, Sacrist or Prioress.

    Where do they live?

    Everyone who work in the Church live in houses depending on what they do in the Church; Nuns live in Nunneries, Monks live in Monasteries and Bishops and/or Priests live in houses more advanced then a peasents house but not …

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  • Bluedove13


    Who is above the Church in the feudal system?

    There's only one society group above the church which is the King

    Who is bellow the Church in the feudal system?

    There's two society groups bellow the church which is the knights and the peasants/serfs

    Nobles are on the same level as the church

    What percentage of society fall into the Church

    Everyone in the society believed in the catholic beliefs so technically everyone is in that society group

    "There was once a time when all people believed in God and the Church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages" - Richard Lederer

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  • Bluedove13


    What Morality used for?

    The morality was used for potraying the natureof Man where Good and Evil fight for supremacy and also used for religious purposes.

    Example of a real morality play

    Title: The Castle of Preseverance

    Summary of Plot: The play is about a man called Humanum Genus falling into sin by his free will, listening tohis bad angel, Malus Angelus, and then to Covetousness, Avaritia, and eventually recovering to grace by the mysterious power of grace itself, the lance of Penitence, and his own free-will to hope for that grace instead of falling into despair.

    Expert from play (in mordern English): "Thus ends our games! To save you from sinning, Forever from the beggining Think on your last ending!"

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  • Bluedove13

    POPE BIOGRAPHY Name: Pope Eugene II

    Elected Pope: 11th of May 824

    Years of being Pope: 3 years

    How did he die: unkown but it was probably natural causes


    Some achievemnts Pope Eugene II has achieved are he gave citzens the choice to be judged by Roman Frankish or Lombard law, allowed laymen to particapate in papal elections, instituted seminaries, streamlined the advisory assembly which eventually became the Roman Curia, built a wall around the Colliseum but was taken down after his death, recalled and returned property to Roman nobles who had been banished and had fled to Frankland during the preceding reign and held an important council in Rome which issued a total of thirty eight disciplinary decrees with sixty two bishops. Some o…

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  • Bluedove13


    "The Hundred Years' War, like the crises of the Church in the same period, broke apart medieval unity" - Barbara Tuchman


    Name: Pope Urban II

    Elected Pope: 12th of March, 1088

    Died: 29th of July, 1099

    How did Pope Urban II justify starting the Crusades?

    Pope Urban II justified starting the Crusades by making one of the most influential speechs of the Medieval period to call to all Christians in Europe to fight against the Muslims to reclaim the Holy Land

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  • Nikkialcini

    Barefoot running and use of minimalist shoes have become increasingly popular over the past decade. This is for a variety of reasons but the main reason is to increase the sufficiency and lessen the damage that running can cause on the body. From an anatomical standpoint, when a person runs with shoes, the initial reflex is usually to have the heel strike in front of the rest of the body and to follow through to the toe. This really makes no sense because it is making running very inefficient, heel striking is a motion that would aid in stopping running, not pushing someone more forward. For this reason, running in shoes that have two or three inches of support is extremely detrimental to the joints compared to minimalist shoes or no shoes…

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    Set Induction

    July 12, 2016 by Educationaltechs

    Look at the video, sing along to 'What’s the time kids’ song' and enjoy

    This video should be stopped at 1:07

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  • Educationaltechs
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  • Educationaltechs


    July 12, 2016 by Educationaltechs

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  • Educationaltechs

    set induction

    July 12, 2016 by Educationaltechs

    View and sing along to what’s the time kids’ song on Wiki

    This will stop at 1:07

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  • Robin Patterson

    They let one person write something that nobody else (except an administrator) can change but that others can directly comment on.

    Go to your user page and follow the links from the "Blog" tab.

    — Robin Patterson (Talk) 04:03, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

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    Aquest és un article del Bloc de la wikia.--Acaturla 23:10, December 15, 2009 (UTC)

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