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Baseball IS the sport of America! Baseball is important to people becuase it is not about the game is about the peanuts and the beer the soda and the wave . It is about saying go a-rod go and the bombers do the homeruns. Baseball is not about the fame its about the game. Needless to say, it can be quite family friendly!

Shortstop Edit

Besides being in the diamond you have to be out of it as well. Because there are some people who goes out with the ball and you have run for the ball. To me that is that is the best part of baseball. Derek Jeter from the yankees is the best player at the poistion today. He is a three-time golden glove award winner and has played on the all star team for eight years in his career! [1]

Pitcher Edit

Being a pitcher is important in the mlb. The pitcher makes the player become famous and i think right now in the mlb the best pitcher is randy johnson or pedro martinez for sure. These two got the arm.

Third basemen Edit

Third basemen is also important to the mlb. Because the third basemen has the ablity of not making the opponent not having a point. Alex Rodrigez for the yankees is the best third basemen right now. He is crazy.

The Umpire Edit

The Umpire is the only one that can call you a strike or kick you out of the game for any stupid reason like cursin him out.The empire knows what to do.

What is your favorite position Edit

For me my favorite position to play is in 3rd base and been a pitcher those positions I love so know is your turn to tell me what you like to do?

Players/teams Edit

There are many teams in the mlb(major league baseball) and players to go with them. My favortie is the New York Yankees aka Newyork bombers. They are so good, in the field and out the field too. They got so much history behind them. Then there is the boston redsoxs which shocked the whole world. Making it to the world series beating the cardinals 4-0 and winning the gold. They actully beat the curse that the all time best babe ruth put on them. It been 80 years since they won the gold and it will take another 80 years to win it back.

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[] Babe Ruth

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