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Ashanti is a favorite R&B singer. For one, she has a lot of people trying to bring her down, and she's showing you that she's going to keep surviving whether you like it or not. She doesn't care that people don't like her because all some people do is judge. She's the one getting that fat check at the end of the day.

Discovery Edit

Well Ashanti is 25 years old.Her birthday is October 13 ,1980.She is a libra.Her mother is her manager.She has a sister name kenashia she is 15 years old. She can sing but I dont think she wants to be in the music industry yet.When Ashanti was younger she danced for the disney movie"Polly".


Before Ashanti was famous she used to babysit. She was raised in Glen Cove,Long Island. She loves the summertime,being with the family and barbecues. She loves the movie The Color Purple. n

Hit Songs Edit

Her first hit was the song with Big Pun(How We Roll).She she made her own song Foolish(Biggie) and that was also an hit.Always on time(ja rule) and Whats Luv with(fat Joe)were also hits.She has a new cd out concrete rose.I think that cd was good.She kind of helped write Jlo's song Aint that Funny.She made about 10 videos already.She is also making a movie called Bride and Prejudice and The Muppets'Wizard of Oz.

Sad Times Edit

Some people say Ashanti wasn't a good performer when she first came out but you cant lie she is getting better.All of her songs were a hit.She won about 10 awards already. She has come a long way and she made alot mistakes in the past.Shes trying to look past all of that stuff.Ashanti also had the most breakdown when her grandfather passed away when she was in High School.

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