Sentence Starters Edit

  1. Highlight, then copy everything from the box below these instructions.
  2. Go back to the large version of your work of art, and click the edit tab at the top of that page.
  3. Paste these Sentence Starters there.
  4. Replace anything within brackets < >, and delete the brackets.
  5. If more than one student-artist collaborated on this image, merge your writing together, changing "I" to "we" and so forth.

== The Project ==
The assignment for this project was to <... Write 2 or 3 sentences to describe how you understood the assignment, and what it made you think about.>
== My Process ==
Before I started on this art project I had to <...Describe what you did before you sarted actually making the art.> Then I had to <...Describe how you planned the image.> The steps in making this work of art that were most important to me were <...Describe what was important to you and why>. One part of the process that was a little difficult for me was <...What did you struggle with, and why? How did you overcome any difficulties?>

== The Theme ==
My <photo/painting/sculpture/collage/poster...> represents <...What does it show? What is the main theme? Why is this theme interesting or important to you? Write 3 or 4 sentences.>

== Habits of Work and Mind ==
When I was doing my <<photo/painting/sculpture/collage/poster...> I made sure that <...Describe a habit of work that you used while creating this image.> I also <...Describe another habit of work that you practiced while doing this art.> The Habit of Mind I used was <... state a habit of mind, and explain how you used that habit while making this work of art.>

== Conclusion ==
I really <enjoyed/did not enjoy> doing this project. <Explain why in 2 or 3 sentences.> I want to improve on <...Describe what you might do better next time.>

Please leave your thoughts about my work by clicking the '''discussion''' tab, above.

Thank you.

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