Sneakers & basketball

In Natasha Wadley's Block 01 math class at East Side Community High School yesterday, 9th graders looked at a graph and it showed that the men swam faster than the woman. The teacher had asked why do we think that they were faster. A male student in your class said "It is because us men are more diesel and the woman are not they are just slow and that was the incorrect answer.

Events like this happen sometimes at East Side and it can sometimes bother people because they are trying to say that girls cannot do the things boys can do and girls cannot at least reach up to their goal.

Sexism Edit

An article in Wikipedia (Feburary 28,2006), "Sexism" explains how sexism is considered to be discrimination against people on their sex. They believe that female should have the equal amount of treatment as men. Also they tell how woman treat men the same way men would treat the woman.

ESCHS Information Edit

Isis Early, an ESCHS 8th Grader, noted that sexism still exists because men and boys don't let us women or girls play on a team for basketball. She says that until they see that she plays really good, they don't want to put her on the team. "At the start, when I asked, they thought I wasn't good enough because I'm a girl."

Honesty Rivera, a student at Art and Design Grade 11, said, if sexism is still on today, it should stop because men and woman should be treated the same way. Woman can do ALMOST exactly the same thing men can do. Men think woman are sensitive. I know us young woman are sensitive but it's not that serious.

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