His Story Edit

Allen grew up in the projects as the son of a 15-year old single mother. Their house in Hampton, Virginia lay on top of the city's sewers. Whenever they burst, the floor would be coated with sewage. Iverson's biological father Allen Broughton who stayed in Connecticut, where the family lived before Allen was born, never played any role in his life, and earlier this year, pledged guilty to stabbing a former girlfriend. Shortly after being born his maternal grandmother - often the pillar in an inner-city family - passed away as well.

Jail Edit

Iverson was in the middle of a brawl between black and white students in a bowling alley. One Valentine’s Day, Iverson and some friends - all black - walked into a Hampton Bowling Alley. Allen was already a sports hero, having quarterbacked Bethel High School's football team to the state championship only two months earlier, and in the process of leading the basketball squad to the same trophy. He was probably the best known person in the city that night. Allen's and his friends were loud and had to be asked to quiet down, and eventually something of a shouting duel began with another group of Kids (white). The only fact is that shortly after a huge fight erupted, pitting the local white kids against the blacks. 17-year old Iverson was tried as an adult, convicted of maiming by mob, and sentenced to five years for throwing a chair at a girl.

Being drafted Edit

After two outstanding seasons at Georgetown, Allen Iverson was the first player picked in the 1996 NBA Draft. Iverson quickly established himself as a premier NBA backcourt man; he was named Schick Rookie of the Year and a member of the All-Rookie First Team.

Iverson led the Sixers with 23.5 points (sixth in the NBA), 7.5 assists (11th) and 2.07 steals (seventh), leading all NBA rookies in each category.

In his second Season with Philly Iverson continued to play great, but they didn't win much games. For the second straight year he put up great numbers. Even though his scoring dropped from 23.5 to 22, Allen became more of a team player. He was willing to pass more, and he wanted to win.

Now Edit

Now Allen Iverson is the leading scorer on the league and is on the verge of taking his team to the NBA playoffs and hopefully he will win along with the help of his new team mate Chris Webber.

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