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I think that A-Rod is the best player that there is in the Yankees so far because they say that Derek Jeter is the best and that he is the game. But we all know that Derek dont give the best bacese if he would have done the best last year when the world serius was then the yankees wouldn have lost and insted they would have won the wourld serius agen. The only person that i know that did there best was Alex Rodriguez AkA A-Rod. if he would have been in Short Stop (SS) maby the yankees would have won. ferschizzle

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One reason I think this is true is because A-Rod has been paid the most in baseball history. Some of the facts that support this are that the Texas Rangers did everything they could to get the best that was A-Rod they were the ones that offer him $250 million to play for them for ten years and every time that he crosses the plate they would give him 1,000 more to his account he was also the capten of the team. From there the New York Yankees were trying to get him nomatter what.

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Another reason I think that <Restate your argument briefly.> is... <Write a sentence or two in which you explain why you think this way about your topic.> My proof for this is ... List all of the evidence that is relevant. Quote from the documents, artifacts, web pages, and other "facts" that "prove" your second supporting reason. Be sure to link to and to cite your sources.>

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Some disagree with me. They say <... Write 2 or 3 sentences summarizing opinions that challenge or disagree with your argument.>

Still, I think <...Write a paragraph that answers the other side's arguments.>

I haven't always had this opinion <... Write a paragraph explaining how your opinion might have changed or been qualified in some way because of your research or experience.>

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In conclusion, if it's true that <refer back to the second and third paragraphs, above>, then I am right to say that <re-state argument>. As I said above, I know that <...reasons #1 and #2> are true because <...refer to the evidence you presented at the end of paragraphs 2 and 3>.

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