A building that’s small in the projects
A building that is attached to another building.
6 floors each building holds.
A tiny elevator that can hold but three to five people inside it.
A lobby it has mailboxes on that lower level.
On the last floor which is the sixth floor the roof is up top.
This roof leads from building 905 to the building 903. :This building is right across the street from the FDR Drive.
The bricks that hold up the building are burgundy.
The apartments numbers go by the numbers 1-6.
It is compared with letters A-D.
Jazmine is a young and intelligent girl.
She lived in this apartment for 11 years.
Constantly hearing traffic, boats and construction.
In the East river sometimes I feel paranoid.
I never know what is going on in the water.
My Mother,my sister My brothers and friends
Most of my adorable pet dog Joker.
Oh my god is there food?
There’s tons of food, crazy good food, great food awesome food.
Every piece of food in my house is good and delicious.
There’s not one particular person who cooks.
Everyone loves to cook in my house.
Nobody else comes in.
Everybody is home eating and conversating.
My dog Joker he is a pit bull.
He is around three years old.
He is so adorable he is dark brown light brown
He is a pit-bull brindle.
He is friendly.
He protects me and my family and I am happy I have him.

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