8th Street and Avenue A-Yes, it's a library. No we don't actually read there. We hang out there just because there's no other place. And it's where we(friends)meet up.

I walk into a building. It's a library but it doesn't really look like one. It looks like an apartment building. With windows and all. But when you go in you can see tons and tons of books. There's a staircase. It kind of looks like those staircases in the tenements. When you walk up them they make little creeking sounds. When you reach upstairs, you will see a couple of people. All of them my friends. One of them "was" 16. He's not my friend anymore. One of them 13. My very close friend. You can see a lady at the desk. She's telling us to be quiet. All we do is stare at her. As if we can't talk or hear. So I just leave. With my friends following. We go out. Out into the cold. It's time for us to go home. So Naeem(close friend)and Minu(friend) drop me off at my bus stop. We walk. 8th then 9th then 10th then 11th then 12th. Then we walk the avenue. 1st Avenue. The streets are deserted. You can only see the street lights. One of them flickering.

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