When you reach 5B
You'll notice white paint
Surrounding the narrow hallway.
To the right is a room.
Has the coolest temperature.
Could hear the turtles walking on the floor
To the left there is a very dirty closet.
Closet looks like it may pop open with all the pressure :it had inside.
The kitchen
Notice the roaches crawling up the walls and over the :floor.
Could hear the roaches moving as they splat them open :while walking over them.
Could smell that the stove is on and feel the heat  :smell rice & Beans.
Smells so delicious.
Kitchen looks very lonely besides the
roaches being in here as the
rice pot throws steam out through the side.
The living room and see my best friend and his cousins :sitting on the couch.
Could here the car engines while they play a street :racing game.
The fish tank water is moving back and forth as if we :were in Coney Island.
Hear them arguing repeating
Rest of them giggle as they talk nonsense to each other. :Be nosey,
Left or right.
Left is the mother's bedroom which has the computers, :surround sounds, and games, and to my right the bathroom :has a very awful smell.
There is tons of laundry,
a dryer,
toilet, tub
and a
sink left with
tooth paste remanding.

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