lots of memories:
block that has a lot of history:
First you see a tall building,:
that has 5 floors:
a crystal door:
with the numbers "232" on it:
In the corner you see a pole:
just like in all the corners:
green label that reads,:
"Sherman Avenue":
When you get to this corner,:
turn left:
When you turn to your right,:
you see a "Rite Aid Pharmacy"
right across the street:
turn in a 180 degree angle:
you will see other buildings:
that are across the street:
Beige buildings curve around,:
seems that there are no space:
The store in the middle of the block:
filled with ladies:
always women in that store:
I wonder,:
where all the people went to?:
I smell the sweat:
of all the people:
who are doing things wrong to earn a:
for their living:
I tear the fear:
every time that:
steps into:

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