The place I used to live.
The last floor and apartment.  :It was a great place.
Lived there since I was eight.
When you enter the first thing you'll see is the
kitchen  :It was a small place if you could call it that.
I still remember that almost every wall
was colored or written in it.

Every time my mom had to buy paint in the store and
she'll paint over the words (mainly the whole wall!)
Mainly every color of the wall was white after white.
That was the only color (except the colors of the
writing tools we used on the wall).

I would always hear the televison on or my mom
yelling or just the people outside yelling or the cars

There is a lot of food mainly spanish food
because we're Hispanic.
It smells good

Sometimes my cousin sleeps over but mainly hardly
people come just like in my new house.
It's mainly is not new.
I lived there for 4 years now.
It is very boring place.
We might move this year to Manhatten.
I hope!

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