I see houses and trees,  :I also see a big lake it looks beautiful.
When you go to my house you dont have to turn to go :inside but you have to take the stairs to go to the rooms.
Now I see a big living room and a kitchen straight up :and the stairs reaching the bedrooms.
My house color is white and blue,
the carpet is blue and the walls are white.
I hear the water running and the neighbors are cutting :their lawn and I hear the T.V on.
My mother is there washing dishes and cleaning cloths,
my brother is watching T.V,  :and I'm just playing in the computer.
There is a left over rice and plantans
It smells like it was just done
"It smells good."
Then my older brother comes saying to me
"Get off of the computer please."
I get off and I just sit there and watch the T.V.

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