As I picture this place in my head I picture me and my old home girls/boy chillen on the front steps of my old house. To get there you would have to take about a five hour drive to Maryland, a place where I lived for two years of my life. WE would see my old house first; I guess if that is where we were going. The area was urban, not really a city a NYC but it was definitely not the country. It was just a place where I lived for a while and made a few friends, but then I bounced. I was to take you on a tour of the neighborhood, I would start at my old house, there would usually be people outside chillen, most of them I know. Then to go to school we would go around the corner and up the street, but we didn't go there that much so just won't visit that place at all. So let’s go the other way, (down the street after you turn the corner). First place we would go is to Dee's house, the place were I always go when my moms be Bi**h`in and I don't feel like arguing with her. The weather is warm, because we are visiting at a nice time , in June when we first get out of school, anyways so we’re out side walking like we run the place, but that’s ok because a lot of people are walking with us so won't get jumped or anything. There really is no type of color, mostly urban scenery, not too much grass. You can’t smell food because we are chillen out side; maybe if we walk pass the Chinese store. I can't imagine anything else now except for when my friend and I used to have fun doing nothing.

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